By registering for PM’s
Equity in Education Rental Program,
you enable your music program to earn grants.

    “Practicing Musician lessons helped my students thrive last year, and saved me so much time. The fundraiser is an added bonus and a big win for everyone!”

    Valerie Coolidge
    Jr/Sr High Music Director
    Oroville, WA

    “I can’t think of a project that is more relevant to our current challenges, with as much potential impact.”

    Dr. Bret Smith
    Central Washington University

    Practicing Musician believes in equity in music education. The PM Equity in Education Rental Program has committed to donate the majority of profit from each rental purchase to the student’s school as a charitable grant to help fund your music program. There is no cost or obligation to register. Schools will earn at least $4 per month per student who participates, which adds up fast! Give a Note Foundation will send earned grants (checks sent monthly once amount accrued is >$100 or at the end of the school year) to your school so you can put the money to use right away! Any K-12 public school is eligible to apply.