Meet the Practicing Musician Team!

Jake Douglass, PM CEO and Founder

“Playing music begets a transcendent presence that can only be experienced through a deep mind, body, and spirit connection – which makes learning an instrument an ideal catalyst for growth.”

Jake Douglass
PM Founder and CEO

John Nastos, PM CTO

“The experience of learning an instrument is so valuable because it engages different areas of the brain, forces students to come up with creative diagnosis and solutions to problems, and encourages critical thinking.”

John Nastos

“Playing or listening to music opens essential creative pathways for me, both linear and abstract. It creates modulation when working, inspiration when creating, and pleasant distraction when I need a break. “

Courtney Prather
PM Art Director 

Courtney Prather, Practicing Musician Art Director

“I believe everyone deserves access to a musical education. It’s a powerful tool for expression and identity, and helps to foster skills needed in life such as perseverance, patience, interacting with others, and working towards a goal.”

Stacey Swanson
Senior Project Manager

Stacey Swanson
Kevin Klar, Practicing Musician Director of Photography

“Music has the magical ability to speak into areas of our heart that are inaccessible otherwise.”

Kevin Klar
PM Director of Photography

Ed Rogan, Practicing Musician Chief of Staff

“The universal truths present in music that transcend culture and language are undeniable, immediate, and supremely powerful.”

Ed Rogan
PM Chief of Staff

“My son, who has ADD and was struggling when he was very young, became very focused and driven to excel when he started playing guitar.  He made friends, bonded with different types of people, and became happy all because his music lessons and hard work gave him confidence.”

John Jacobsen
PM Director, Video Tutorials

John Jacobsen Director Video Tutorials

Practicing Musician Vision Statement:

“Every person everywhere joyfully engaged in music.”

Mission & Values
Ed Rogan