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Max Holmberg

Practicing Musician’s Drum Kit Teacher
Teacher – Seattle Drum School

Accompanist – Pacific Northwest Ballet

Short Bio

I grew up in a musical family in Seattle and was primarily self-taught until college. I started out as a pianist at a young age but completed the switch to drums by age 12. I’ve since been a featured artist at multiple colleges and universities and have performed in 7 different countries with various ensembles.

Music is what I’m most passionate about, as well as sharing that passion with my students. -Max Holmberg


Music is and has been an integral part of humanity since the dawn of modern history. We may not even realize that we’re listening to music while it’s playing or we may be sitting in a theater listening to incredibly complex compositions. Music may be something you hear in a movie or video game or something someone is humming on the bus, or even a rhythm someone is thoughtlessly tapping on their desk. Discovering the depth of music and how you can relate to it is a lifelong journey that can provide an impartial lens through which one can view the world. It can bring insatiable desire for learning, bottomless joy, but also incredible sorrow and other emotions- that’s part of the beauty of it. My goal is to share as much of this experience with students as possible from the uniquely rhythmic perspective of a drummer.

Music Education History

Bachelor of Music with a performance concentrate – Berklee College of Music
Nationally Acclaimed Jazz Band – Roosevelt High School
Nationally Acclaimed Jazz Band – Eckstein Middle School

I grew up in a family of musicians and actors, so music has always surrounded me.  The first music I remember listening to was Count Basie.  After playing in the Eckstein Middle School and Roosevelt High School jazz bands, I moved to Boston and got my Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music.  Upon completion, I moved back to Seattle to start my career as a performer and teacher.  I currently teach at my private studio and at the Seattle Drum School.

Performance Highlights

Playing the Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis while I was still at Roosevelt High School

Playing the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy with the Roosevelt High School jazz band

Touring with The Arsonists and grammy-nominated alto saxophonist Patrick Bartley Jr.

Touring India with the 200 Trio and Danae Greenfield

Playing The Earshot: Art of Jazz concert series with the Jacqueline Tabor Band

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