Practicing Musician makes fundraising for your music program easy.

Just like a booster club sells cleats to parents of soccer players to offset additional expenses associated with joining the school soccer team…

Practicing Musician rents musical instruments to parents of music students to fundraise for K-12 music programs.

Our process is simple. For example, if a parent of a student in the Seattle Public Schools rents an instrument, a portion of our profit is granted to districts in need through our partner, Give A Note Foundation, and the majority of our profit is donated directly to the Seattle Public Schools music budget.

That’s right—when your students rent instruments from Practicing Musician, you will both fundraise for your school and schools in need!

You may be asking yourself, “will the funding donated directly to my district’s music budget amount to much?”

The answer is simply “yes.”

Imagine the number of students renting an instrument in your school district.

Now multiply every rental by an average of $5 per month rented. In other words, Seattle Public Schools would receive an average of $50 per instrument on a 10-month rental cycle, or $60 per instrument on a 12-month rental cycle, every year!

***Please note, there are many factors that effect the average price of instrument rentals, but we can comfortably say that the nationwide average will $5 per instrument per month rented after we rent 5,000 total instruments nationwide.

To make things even easier on you, we’ve refined and simplified our process so that you can focus on doing what you care about most—teaching. The only step you must take is to instruct parents to rent from Practicing Musician through our partner, NEMC, by clicking the image above or this LINK. Then our technology will do the rest. It’s that simple.

Practicing Musician’s innovative fundraising model will be piloted during the 2020-21 school year before a Nationwide rollout for the 2021-22 school year. We will accept about 10 districts into our pilot program, so hurry!

Will your district make fundraising easy this year? Claim your spot by emailing our founder and CEO, Jake Douglass, at

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