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Practicing Musician is a Social Purpose Corporation (S.P.C.) based in Seattle, Washington. S.P.C.’s are a hybrid between a for-profit and a non-profit company, and Practicing Musician for K-12 Educators and Their Students is our non-profit division.

Founded by Jake Douglass in 2017, Practicing Musician is world-class online instrumental music education for everyone, everywhere. We address the needs of K-12 music programs by:

  1. Providing our library of professionally developed, sequentially ordered content and teaching tools to K-12 educators and their students completely free of charge.
  2. Teaching music educators how to produce their own content, which each educator owns but we host on our platform for the benefit of all K-12 educators and their students.
  3. Implementing a peer-review process for all content to ensure we continually refine and simplify the learning process for all students.
  4. Developing National Core Arts Standards based assessment tools and integrating them into every step of the learning process.
  5. Donating 100% of our profit from K-12 instrument rentals and musical equipment sold through our partnership with NEMC to K-12 music programs.
  6. Leading initiatives to address the immediate needs of music programs, such as our Protective Equipment for All Music Students Initiative.

To create Practicing Musician for K-12 Educators and Their Students, we began by asking ourselves the question “why is in-person music education so effective?” On the surface level:

  1. In-person music lessons take place on a regular basis, and
  2. The student(s) receive their teacher’s undivided attention and personalized feedback during every lesson.

However, we knew that if we wanted to make our service as effective as possible, we had to further deconstruct the in-person music lesson process.  What we discovered is that in-person music educators guide their students to:

  1. Become inspired,
  2. Learn,
  3. Practice,
  4. Receive and accept feedback
  5. Track progress, then
  6. Repeat.

We also discovered that each step in this process is equally important for successful student learning. That’s why our team spent 3 years combining this process with developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and technology to create an online learning platform that imitates the in-person music education lesson process.

Students who use Practicing Musician become inspired by watching interviews and performances by our world-class teachers, learn by watching video tutorials, practice by playing sheet music, receive and accept feedback from our listener application (coming soon!), track progress over time with our achievements showcase, and repeat as often as they’d like.

That being said, our team recognizes the limitations of even the most effective online music education. With a high-quality teacher, in-person music lessons are more effective.

Unfortunately, K-12 music programs lack sufficient funding. That’s why Practicing Musician will not only provide K-12 music educators and students with access to our tools to use in their classrooms for free forever, we will also donate 100% of our profit from K-12 instrument rentals and equipment sales to K-12 music programs. You can think of this model as a nationwide booster club for K-12 music programs. Crowdsourcing funding in this way has the potential to raise millions of dollars every single year.

To request free subscriptions for your students, fill out our Educator Sign Up form.

To receive free training on our extensive synchronous learning and standards-based assessment best practices, sign up for one of our webinars by visiting our Educator Training Sign Up form.

To join our growing team of music educator volunteers dedicated to quickly growing our library of asynchronous learning tools, visit the Music Educator Online-Learning Project blog.

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