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Jerome Smith Practicing Musician Trombone Teacher

Jerome Smith

Practicing Musician’s Trombone Teacher
Musical Director – Royal Caribbean Cruises

Huston-Tillotson University


Music education is essential to the development of minds.  It helps with pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination, and the organization of thoughts and feelings.  It also encourages self-awareness and self-expression that can transcend the spoken word or visual art.

Music Education History

Bachelor of Music in Trombone Performance – University of Texas at Austin
Master of Trombone Performance and Pedagogy – Texas Tech University
Artist Diploma – Boston University

I have had the opportunity to teach students of all ages and abilities.  My first teaching experience was in high school when I began helping my contemporaries learn how to better perform on trombone.  At UT Austin, I honed my teaching skills and expanded my studio to Middle School beginners and intermediates, many of whom went on to study music themselves at institutions of higher learning.  I also took on adult students who were itching to start playing after years away from the instrument.

When I began my Masters degree at Texas Tech, it was as the Graduate Teaching Assistant.  I had the opportunity to mold young college minds beginning their professional journeys in music and the trombone.  In Boston, I spent 8 summers enriching the lives of 10-18 year-olds at a music camp, all while being enriched myself with the wonder and intrigue of the self-discovery of a young one’s love of music.

“Music is the embodiment of the human spirit. Learning its power is vital to our very existence.”
-Jerome Smith

Performance Highlights

I performed a solo with the jazz band at my high school graduation for my entire family and the families of my graduating class.  The uproarious applause was almost too much to bear.

I won a nationwide competition held by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences called Grammy in the Schools for high school students.  My reward was to play and work with famous professional musicians, sit in on recording sessions of TV shows and movies, and attend the Grammy Awards live in Los Angeles, CA.

My performance and musicianship showed so much during my 2nd contract with Royal Caribbean Cruises that I was asked to step up to be the Musical Director and Band Master aboard a luxury cruise liner.  I consulted on entertainment and music throughout the hotel, and our ratings soared under my leadership.

During a performance, a listener thought my sound was so pure and beautiful that his family flew me out to play a solo at his sister’s wedding.

I’m proud to have been asked to be a part of this online teaching project based solely on the reputation of my skill.

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