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Practicing Musician, a social purpose corporation based in Seattle, Washington, is the leading free K-12 online music curriculum for concert band and orchestra programs.

Founded by Jake Douglass in 2017 and designed by expert music educators, Practicing Musician helps you flip your classroom, provides personalized instruction via 3500+ video lessons, assignments, sheet music, and practice logs, and lets you assign homework and track progress in minutes.

Curriculum for Concert Band and Orchestra Programs
Expert music educators create Practicing Musician’s lessons. Each short 1-3 minute video covers a single topic with instrument-specific techniques modeled by educators on their primary instrument. All lessons are customized for each of the 16 main concert band and orchestra instruments, sequentially ordered into our Fundamentals of Music Mastery Online Method, and follow the same general scope and sequence as method books you already know and love.

From selecting and caring for your instrument to beginning notes, rhythm and pitch, to shared sheet music, teachers can assign instrument-specific video lessons, assignments, sheet music, and practice logs to students within our app in seconds, then assess and track student progress with ease. Whether students are in-person or remote, this personalizes each student’s instruction and “flips the classroom” so your students can spend more time playing music, and you can spend more time answering questions and providing feedback.

“I love Practicing Musician’s curriculum, and it is also saving me so much time. Today I used it to assign what will be a semester’s worth of work for my HS students, and it only took a half-hour. Oh, thank you!!”
          -Valerie Coolidge, Jr/Sr High Music Director, Oroville WA

“I highly recommend Practicing Musician. It is professional, user-friendly, accessible, and versatile. I was also very impressed by the IT support to resolve questions and issues. And it’s free – you can’t ask for a better price!”
          -Stanislaw Hoholuk, Music Teacher, Bishop Kearney High School in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rochester, NY

Easy Fundraising with Student Instrument Rental Program
Practicing Musician offers the Equity in Education Rental Fundraiser. About 1 million K-12 students rent instruments each school year, and now they can rent via the Rental Fundraiser so their school’s music program can earn $6300 or more a year in cash grants for every 100 students who participate. Schools can use this funding to provide more equitable opportunities for music education for all students.

Practicing Musician has partnered with the top nationwide online rental program, NEMC, and donates its profits to the non-profit Give a Note Foundation, which provides cash grants to the participating schools. The rental instruments are high-quality new or like-new, at low prices, and the online rental selection is easy with free shipping, returns, and repairs.

Music teachers embrace the Rental Fundraiser because it is a win-win: their students get the same or better quality rental instruments at great prices, and a portion of the rental fees is granted to them to help fund their program. 

How the Rental Fundraiser works:

  • Teachers register and then share information about the rental program with parents.
  • Parents rent high-quality new or like-new instruments from NEMC.
  • NEMC provides instruments with free shipping and returns.
  • $4+ per instrument per month is donated by Practicing Musician to Give a Note Foundation, which then grants it to the school’s music program.

Free Professional Development
Practicing Musician supports music teachers with free professional development. Expert music educators offer our annual summer symposium, weekly training and support office hours, and customized training for school districts. Topics include flipping the classroom, individualized instruction, mastery learning, strategies and tips for integrating Practicing Musician’s online curriculum into your music program, and so much more.

To sign up for training, visit www.practicingmusician.eventbrite.com

For ongoing educator support, email: PMlistens@practicingmusician.com

Currently, Practicing Musician is focused solely on helping K-12 music programs make it through the pandemic. We will resume development on our consumer site as soon as possible.

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